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  • Changes to you, actually

    If you have been caring for someone for more than a few years, it doesn’t take long before you notice little things such as soreness in your neck, shoulders, etc. from how you sit everyday at doctor appointments or how you position yourself behind the wheel of the car. Much like furniture finishers, factory workers,…

  • A day in the life

    A Day in the life As I was going through my documents to prepare for meeting with ourrepresentatives in Congress, I saw this story. I had written this for afreelance job, but it was not published. On this day, I am now fifty-one and my aunt has moved up into heaven as oftwo years ago.…

  • Turning the Blast into a Blitzkrieg

    Last Thursday, it was 11 years ago that I had to quit my career and become a caregiver of a wounded veteran. The “blastaversary” as I call it. I had my 50th birthday in September and thought of the many dreams I have yet to accomplish. Many of them involve travel, which involves $. I…

  • Time for a change

    It breaks my heart as I am reflecting on today’s American culture and what it was like in 1992. Sadly, many of the song lyrics in Public Enemy’s Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black still ring true. I remember thinking how much still needed to be fixed back then and I don’t see a whole…

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