Today, we had a meeting (we are going through the initial doctors meetings for the med board) and we met with the Psychologist at MEB.

I learned a few things today about TBI vs PTSD.
I knew that both affect the concentration that a person can have. However, PTSD causes a memory deficit because the person’s brain is trying its best to hide the memory from the person’s conscious mind. The hiding can’t disseminate what they are hiding, whether it is the last deployment memories, or what was on the grocery list.

In the cognitive tests they give, they will be able to figure out after what is TBI related and what is PTSD. To me, that is pretty cool that they can figure out the difference. The doc told me that therapy that forces the person to confront the bad memories helps them attach less and less emotion to them and eventually, it cures them of the PTSD.

My husband said he never wants to remember everything from the day of his blast. I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to remember a day in which I lost my best friend, lost another friend, and lost the way my life is as I used to know it.

However, I watch him beat himself up for not being able to remember simple things he said about 15 minutes prior, or forgetting the page in the book he just got finished reading. In actuality, we got the results back from the test and it turns out they couldn’t tell him what was due to PTSD vs the TBI. They said it was all cognitive working memory. So at least everything else is ok. Now it will just take time and counseling.

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