Mermaid in the Water

I was treading water today while I was swimming at the YMCA. I was all of a sudden aware of exactly why I enjoy swimming so much, It is because all I can hear when I am doing the side stroke or the back stroke, is the sound of my own breathing,

I am fully engaged in doing what my body needs to do. For the first fifteen minutes of being in the water today before my muscles warmed up, I was afraid they were stiffening up and I would have to slow down or get out of the pool. It was only a quick momentary concern. I started to breathe and my body felt the oxygen and my muscles all of a sudden felt warmed up and ready to move through the water. 

When I looked at the clock, another 30 minutes went by and I had forgotten how many laps I did. It was interesting to me how the lungs and body work together to handle all of that aerobic activity. I swam in the pool and flpped on to my back. I could see the pretty water and the aquamarine color floating over my face. It made me feel so calm and peaceful, but yet competitive with myself. I was amazed at what I could accomplish. I even did my last lap as the crawl. It made me think of a lot of parallels in the life of a wounded soldier.

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