Driving the XB – getting to do a night driving adventure

So, it has been really shocking to my core that I am no longer the parent of a boy, but a young man. I know, duh, he is fifteen, but I still get asked for ID when I go purchase the rare adult beverage every so often. I don’t feel like I am 42, but here I am.

It seems as though one day I looked at him and still saw him looking around twelve years old and now, he is fifteen going on 24. He will sometimes roll his eyes, tip his head to the side and say,”Mom…um, that wasn’t your best pun.” I can remember when all I had to say was the word marble or balls, or eyeball and he would go into fits of laughter. Sure, that was when he was little. Now he has matured into an even-keeled, intelligent, caring, and driven young man.

He has thrived during the many struggles of living with a father who has severe PTSD and a brain injury. Watching someone live in chronic pain and experience the constant frustrations that living with physical challenges can really bring out the crabby moods, to say it mildly. Together we worked out ways to kind of warn each other as to what kind of day was he having so Liam would know what to not say as you never want to trigger someone already in a bad mood by bringing up something you know would cause more volatility such as talking about politics. He also knew to offer things of comfort, such as Todd’s favorite Mountain Dew and Pop-Tarts, his breakfast of champions. He once dubbed Todd a “Punk Rock Soldier Teacher Chemist,” which made him smile a lot. That has been a name that sticks.

He used to go to creeks and take water samples and look at them under microscopes. Having a former Chemistry and Physics teacher for a dad really was helpful for him as he always had a quest for knowledge. He still enjoys his father telling him about different experiments and theories in the subject of what Liam learned that day in school.

My son is always willing to help someone that needs it. He enjoys being a Boy Scout. He never says no when I ask him something. Now, if it is chore related and I am annoyed that he forgets and I get crabby, I get the standard eye roll and he still does it. I really am lucky. I know I sound like I am bragging, but I am not. I am just very grateful for my blessings and I just have to share this.

Sixteen years ago when Todd and I were still in the first few years of our marriage and we decided to have a baby, it was the best decision I ever made. Tonight, my “baby” and I drove to HEB Grocery Store. He was the driver. It was a lot of fun.

So, what is the message besides we are blessed to have an awesome son? That you need to think of all the good things you have in your life, especially in regards to your family. If something is not going well, invest the time to improve that relationship. Plan a fun day with your family and get outside and play!

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