Turning the Blast into a Blitzkrieg

Last Thursday, it was 11 years ago that I had to quit my career and become a caregiver of a wounded veteran. The “blastaversary” as I call it.

I had my 50th birthday in September and thought of the many dreams I have yet to accomplish. Many of them involve travel, which involves $.

I know, your mind is totally blown away that caregivers of wounded veterans living on VA disability pay aren’t living the lifestyles of the rich and famous and that we live like senior citizens on a “fixed income.”

Crap, I am almost a senior citizen.

I have not been able to contribute to a 401K for 11 years.

I am nostalgic for my old paycheck.

I tried once to work outside the home. I had a job as a part-time Producer at a local AM radio station. Honestly, music radio is totally my bag and this was not. The scanty pay was not worth the toll it took on my husband.

I do freelance writing and media work and makeup work on the side, but none of it is enough to equal a nice fat paycheck.

I realized what I needed to do was manifest my dreams, take charge of my life, get out of my comfort zone and just do it! (Insert Shia Laboef screaming here).

I made the decision to create my own social media marketing company and schedule my work around my caregiving duties.

On the “blastaversary,” I decided after his Equine Therapy session that I was going to drive to the County Clerk’s Office and while he slept in the car, I registered my business.

Puns and humor have literally kept me sane during the past 11 years. It is only suiting that I chose a WW2 bomb as the background of the logo for my business, as it was an IED that literally blew our life apart.

Here’s to accomplishing some dreams!

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