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  • Ten

    Ten years ago I got a call while at work from Red Cross that changed the life of my family forever. Todd was deployed to Afghanistan as a Calvary Scout with the US Army in Ghazni. Several times the mission got called off, because air support was being tied up looking for one of the…

  • Hope

    Two weeks ago I felt an alien and strange emotion. It was something I am not used to feeling. It was hope. Hope of all things. Stay tuned my friends.  

  • Number 9

    Yesterday 9 years have passed since my husband was almost taken away from me twice and a bomb literally blew apart life as we all knew it.  I didn’t know quite how I was going to write about this as no one wants to read something depressing. I don’t want to focus on the loss,…

  • Five Year Evals

    November of 2017 was a challenging month. We had our bank account hacked by a thief and after that experience, I was particularly paranoid about anything financially-oriented at that time. Todd is pretty sharp, but often he is fatigued and he always wants to help whomever he speaks with. We received a call from a…

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