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  • Moving Forward

    Todd was critically injured on our anniversary.  It was our 15th year one, to be exact. Not only was he badly injured, but he lost two of his friends at the same time. Most of you who have been through combat understand that these sort of losses are never forgotten. The survivor’s guilt that comes…


    If you have made it this far, you are wondering what in the heck this subject heading is about. Sure, I made it obscure, but after the past half of a year of watching my husband and seeing what is going on with his health, I had to comment. After six years of living with…

  • My man got blown up in Afghanistan and all I got is this crummy case of secondary PTSD and severe insomnia. Give me your free stuff.

    My spouse got blown up in Afghanistan and all I got is this crummy case of secondary PTSD and severe insomnia. Forget the T-shirt! Give me your free stuff. Let me bleed your non-profit dry. America owes us. Six years ago we were newbies to the whole wounded veteran community. There were barely any resources out…

  • To Salvage or not to salvage? How to deal with Limb Salvage

    Five years ago, he awoke in a hospital bed, groggy with morphine and other pain killers used when his femur was blasted open in three places. The force of the blast he survived reverberated throughout his whole body. This creates wounds and issues that most people don’t survive. Ten years ago if this had happened,…

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